24 Hour Fee Schedule

24 Hour services can be completed at an employer’s location or hospital emergency room.Pricing is calculated by the distance from downtown Cleveland as listed below. The final cost of the collection consists of the technician fee in addition to the services selected by the client.

24 Hour Mobile Services

  • Non-Regulated 5 or 10 Panel Drug Screen

    $45.00 / Ea.
  • Regulated 5 Panel Drug Screen

    $50.00 / Ea
  • Instant 5 or 10 Panel Screening

    $25.00 / Ea.
  • Instant Lab Confirmation (if non-negative)

    $20.00 / Ea.
  • Drug Screen Collection Only

    $25.00 / Ea.
  • Breath Alcohol Test (confirmation included)

    $25.00 / Ea.
  • MRO Fee (Positive Only)

  • Nicotine (Cotinine) Screening ($20 Conf)



  • Mobile MedTechs does not accept liability for specimen collections delivered or dropped off at shipping facilities.
  • Mobile MedTechs reserves the right to refuse services. Rates are subject to change.

24 Hour Technician Fee Schedule

Miles From Clinic1st HourAdditional/Hr (If Needed)
Up to 20 Miles$125.00$30.00
20 – 30 Miles$150.00$30.00
31 +Must Be Negotiated$30.00

Automatic one hour charge for no show or cancelled test. If an observation is needed and a 2nd technician is called, an additional tech fee is applied.