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Requesting A Technician

  1. Call the 24 hour dispatch center. Give the customer service representative
    • Name and phone number of caller
    • Testing location (Company or Hospital info)
    • Donors name
    • What testing is requested (post accident/reasonable suspicion etc)
  2. Technician will contact you to arrange visit and give an ETA.
  3. Technician will arrive at designated site with equipment, supplies and profiles established.
  4. Sample will be shipped or delivered as necessary.
  5. Immediate test results for breath alcohol test or instant screenings can be given to supervisor.

24 Hour Customer Service Line

To Initiate Testing

Authorized personnel is to call the 24 Hour Customer Service Line at


Secondary Backup 24 Hr. Number

(216) 409-1874

Customer Service Representative

Give the customer service representative

  • Name and Phone Number of Caller
  • Testing Location (Company or Hospital Name & Address)
  • What is the employee’s name
  • What testing is requested (Post Accident / Reasonable Suspicion etc.)
  • Your info will be dispatched to the tech who will call you within 10-15 min to give ETA

Request Confirmation

The technician will return your call to confirm the request and estimated time of arrival.


When The Technician Arrives (1-2 Hrs)

The technician will arrive at the specified location within 1-2 hours of contact. (Pending weather or unforeseen traffic issues)

Once there, the technician will take a few minutes to set up the restroom and secure any water sources. To make the area appropriate for a DOT collection.

The technician will conduct the breath alcohol test (when applicable) before the urine collection unless there is an urgency for the employee to urinate. If the screening test is .02 or greater, the technician will have to remain in the presence of employee for 15 minutes to prevent them from having any food or liquids. Once the 15 minute period is up – the technician will perform a confirmation test to determine the level of alcohol present.

Next the technician will conduct the urine drug screen. The employee will be asked to rinse their hands off, empty their pockets and to urinate into the collection container. The specimens will be sealed in front of the employee and the employee will be asked to initial the tamper evident seals.

If the specimen provided is an inadequate amount or nothing is given, a shy bladder procedure is started. The employee is not allowed to leave the technician and is given no more than 40 oz. of water over the next three hours (maximum) or until an adequate amount is given.

Once testing is completed, chain of custody and breath alcohol results will be sent to the employer once received from the laboratory. If instant testing is conducted, a copy can be left for the appropriate contact person if desired.